Amphiblestrum auritum

General description: 

Amphiblestrum auritum is an encrusting bryozoan, most commonly found on the northern shores of the British Isles. The colonies form small rounded patches on stones, shells and algal holdfasts. The species is typically found on the lower shore, extending down to shallow subtidal waters, but it has also been recorded offshore at 70 m  in the western Black Sea (Skolka, 1983) and at 229 m in Northern Alaska (Osburn, 1950), although the latter record may be questionable.

Amphiblestrum auritum has mainly been recorded from cool temperate and boreal waters. It has been reported from Greenland through to the Azores. It is present in the southern North Sea and extends into the south-eastern Baltic. It occurs only rarely in the Mediterranean. In Britain, it is most common on northern shores, but has also been collected from Jersey.

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