Caberea boryi Audouin, 1826

General description: 

Caberea boryi is an erect bryozoan.  Colonies form free, stiff fan-shaped tufts, composed of un-jointed branches. The branches appear to be covered with stiff hairs as a result of two to three spines growing from the outer edge of autozooids. Colonies are small, less than 1 cm in height and appear whitish in colour. Root-like rhizoids, extending from the proximal section (closest to colony origin) anchor the colony to the substrate.  Autozooids are short, typically 0.37 by 0.23 mm

The species is able to colonise algae, hydroids and other bryozoans including Pentapora. It ranges from the shore to 100 m, but is especially found between 20 – 60 m in the Mediterranean.

Caberea boryi is found in the south and west of the British Isles. In Wales, it extends north to Skomer and in the English Channel, east to Hastings. The species also occurs in the Mediterranean and the Indo-Pacific.

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