Cellariidae Lamouroux, 1821

General description: 

Colony erect, jointed or unjointed. Autozooids hexagonal or lozenge-shaped, in longitudinal series, usually alternating around the branch. Frontal membrane transparent or light brown in colour, apparent in dried specimens as a concave glistening surface over the autozooid. No gymnocyst. Cryptocyst completely covering frontal surface of autozooid, depressed, imperforate; transparent; transition between them. Opesia reduced to a semicircular area approximately coextensive with the operculum; proximal and/or distal condyles present or absent. Spines absent. Avicularia vicarious. Ovicell completely immersed, not visible at the distal end of the autozooid – immediately above the opesia.
(Hayward and Ryland, 1998)

Taxonomic name: 
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