Trypostega venusta


Trypostega venusta is an encrusting bryozoan. Colonies form thin broad sheets, semi-transparent to dull white in colour. Autozooids are oval to hexagonal or irregular in outline, with 30-40 pores across the calcified frontal surface. They are convex and range in size from 0.42-0.55 by 0.2-0.3 mm.


Trypostega venusta was originally described from Guernsey, Channel Islands and was, until recently, believed to have a circum-global distribution in warm temperate and tropical waters. The majority of these records, however, belong to superficially similar species. Trypostega venusta has a relatively limited distribution in the NE Atlantic Ocean. It can be found from the southern British Isles, extending to Madeira and into the Mediterranean Sea. (Tilbrook, 2006)


The species is able to colonise shells and coarse shell gravels. It occurs in offshore subtidal waters.

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