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The Bryozoan Scratchpad Project

This website was setup in May 2010 to provide an easily accessible and updateable information source on British bryozoans to both amateurs and professionals. The site is one of three regional bryozoan scratchpads, covering Britain, Brazil and Australia. The three sites feed into a global bryozoan scratchpad, which cover all recent and fossil Bryozoa.

Brazil: http://bryobr.myspecies.info/

Australia: http://greatbarrierreefbryozoa.myspecies.info/

Global: http://bryozone.myspecies.info/

Information from this site is shared with the Encyclopedia of Life.

Joining the Site

The site is open to ameteurs and professionals with an interest in Bryozoa. Authenticated users are able to browse through species pages, images and other site content. They may submit content for inclusion in the site which will be reviewed by an editor before publication.

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