Caberea ellisii (Fleming, 1818)

General description: 

Caberea ellisii is an erect bryozoan. Colonies from free, stiff fan-shaped tufts composed of un-jointed branches. Colonies are typically 2 -3 cm in height and yellowish-brown in colour. Root-like rhizoids separate and spread near the base, anchoring the colony to the substrate. Autozooids are sub-quadrangular and approximately 0.37 by 0.22 mm. Autozooids positioned along the edge of a branch have two spines extending from their outer edge.

The species is able to colonise Laminaria kelp species, hydroids, stones and shells. It ranges from 10 – 300 metres, but is most common below 50 metres.  

The species is mainly found in Scotland and the northern part of Britain, but has been reported from as far south as the English Channel. The species is also known from the Arctic and on the American coast, south to Massachusetts.

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