Escharella labiosa (Busk, 1856)


For a long time E. labiosa was regarded as a variety of Escharella
immersa and therefore little is known of its biology and ecology.


Escharella labiosa is an encrusting bryozoan. Colonies form small rounded patches, composed of a single layer of autozooids. Autozooids are oval and convex. They are separated by deep grooves and arranged in alternating linear series. The autozooids are small in size (0.38-0.5 by 0.24-0.3 mm) with four spines.


It has been reported from Belfast Bay, Guernsey, the Sound of Mull,
County Cork, north Cornwall and Milford Haven. It has not been reported
from the English Channel or east coasts.


The species is able to colonise hard substrates in shallow subtidal waters.

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