Schizomavella linearis


Schizomavella linearis is distributed throughout the north-east Atlantic region, ranging from west Norway and Faroe to the Mediterranean. It widespread and common on all British coasts. Schizomavella linearis appears to be one of the most common species of the genus in British waters.


Schizomavella linearis is an encrusting bryozoan that forms broad pale pink colonies. Colonies are initially composed of a single layer of autozooids, but later develop multiple layers. On occasion colonies produce lobed or folded sheets which are partly free of the substrate. Autozooids are rectangular or polygonal and convex. They are 0.4-0.7 by 0.3-0.4 mm and arranged in radiating linear series.


The species is able to colonise rock, shell and Laminaria holdfasts. It is commonly found on the underside of large stones on sheltered rocky shores. It ranges from the shore to edge of the continental shelf.

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