Search for Bryozoa

To find images and information on a specific bryozoan species, genus, family or higher taxa:

  1. Click taxonomy above the search box in the top left hand corner. Enter the name of you taxa in the searchbox and select from the auto-complete drop down box.

  2. If the name does not appear in the drop down box, then the taxa is not included in our site. It may either be a non-british taxa, a fossil taxa or we are in the process of adding it. If you feel that the taxa you are searching should be included on our site please contact us

Please note: the majority of species are in the format Genus Species, therefore to search you must enter the genus and species to navigate to the correct page. A few species remain just as the species name, without the genus, but these are currently being updated.

To browse through the bryozoan classification: 

  1. On the Bryozoa classification underneath the search, click on the plus sign next to the Bryozoa class (Gymnolaemata, Phylactolaemata or Stenoloaemata) which you wish to explore. This will expand the classification to show all the terms under that class. Continue expanding the classification until you have reached the desired taxa.

  2. Click on the taxa name for information and images on that taxa

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