Sexual reproduction in gymnolaemate Bryozoa: history and perspectives of the research

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:A. N. Ostrovsky, Vavra, N., Porter, J. S.
Series Editor:P. N. Wyse Jackson, Jones M. E. Spencer
Series Title:Annals of bryozoology 2: aspects of the history of research on bryozoans.
Number of Pages:117-210
Publisher:International Bryozoology Association
ISBN Number:0-9543644-1-4
Accession Number:ZOOREC:ZOOR14504027829
Keywords:[Bibliographies / Research papers on sexual reproduction / ], [Reproduction / Sexual reproduction / ]., Animals and man, Documentation, Gymnolaemata (Bryozoa)., Gymnolaemata [History of zoology / Research history & perspectives / ], Publications, Reproduction
URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR14504027829
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