Biota in a Box & Taxon Crates

With the help of V Factor volunteers we will be sorting our scallop shell specimens into two key categories:
high-quality specimens (with lots of Bryozoa colonies and epifauna) to be added into permanent collections and onto the Museum database

other specimens, which will be used as taxonomic and educational tools as follows:
o taxon crates for informed specialist groups, such as Seasearch and Wildlife Trusts
o Biota in a Box for schools and the general public

These crates and boxes are intended to create a unique scientific resource and educational tool that will promote the role of collections in current biodiversity issues. The boxes contain key environmental and ecological messages on British Bryozoa, and activities and experiments that can be carried out away from the Museum.

Take a piece of the collection home with you by picking up a Biota in a Box -coming soon!

Spot some British bryozoans, while exploring the impacts of ocean acidification. This is a free loans service for groups of up to eight people. Boxes can be borrowed for up to three weeks. Users will need to return the boxes to the Museum when finished.

Biota in a Box is integral to our work and V Factor project; with your help we're rationalising part of our collection in a creative and fun way.

Learn more about the rationalisation of museum collections .

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