The Project

Scallops and British Bryozoa: a prime location?

 Project aims
• sorting of current large epifaunal collection – freeing up critical storage space
• creating a unique resource for northeast Atlantic bryozoan-related research
• delivering taxonomic information on bryozoans to a wider audience
• increasing awareness of topical issues, such as climate change,  ocean acidification and the spread of invasive species

Why is this work important?
Comparatively little is known about bryozoans – there are just over 350 known British species and around 8,000 species known worldwide, with an estimated 15,000 species yet to be discovered. Through this project we are hoping to better understand the distribution of bryozoans in Britain.
We hope this collaboration will help us generate a baseline for local species pools of British bryozoans. Bryozoa are very relevant to research looking at topical issues such as climate change and the spread of invasive species. The information from this project will provide a valuable evidence base against which future change can be monitored.

While the work volunteers do can be easily understood and undertaken, the value of their contribution is priceless.

Can I get involved?
We are currently recruiting for V Factor volunteers to join us from 16 October onwards, one day per week (Thursdays) for ten week sessions. You will need to be aged 18 or over to apply.

You will soon be able to take a piece of our collection home today by picking up a biota in a box. This is a free loans service for groups of up to eight  people. Boxes can be borrowed for up to three weeks so you can spot some British bryozoans, while exploring the impacts of ocean acidification.

Watch this space for information, an expression of interest form to join the V Factor team and how to borrow a biota in a box in due course.

Come and see us from 16 October onwards!

We will be back in the Specimen Preparation Area (SPA) of the Darwin Centre from 16 October on Thursdays. You can talk to one of our Volunteer Leaders to find out more about British Bryozoa and see our current volunteers in action!

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