The Team

The following colleagues (listed below) are the team behind the latest V Factor collaboration with British Bryozoa. This project would not be possible without their input and support.

The V Factor team consists of:

  • Project leaders: Mary Spencer-Jones (NHM) and Joanne Porter (Heriot-Watt University) with key support from Dr Piotr Kuklinski (NHM) and Rob Cook (Heriot-Watt University)
  • Volunteer Leaders: Brenna Lattimore, Judith Rose, Peter Baker, Rehemat Bhatia, Renee Miller, Rosemary Cafferkey and Yoke-Shum Broom -all whom have a longer term relationship with the Museum and the team
  • V Factor volunteers* who are rotated on a 10-week basis are organised by the Volunteers Project Manager, Ali Thomas.

----V Factor Team 1 (16 October -18 December 2014):


  1. Catherine Hovell
  2. Chealsye Bowley
  3. Chris McMullan
  4. Henrietta Hutcheon
  5. Jack Marshall
  6. Matt Manning
  7. Matthew Coyne

----V Factor Team 2 (8 January – 12 March 2015)


1. Adeela Ahmad
2. Alex Guy
3. Bruno Casanova
4. Enrica Laprocina
5. Kellie Irwin
6. Natasha Djukic
7. Neil Ireland
8. Susannah Bury
9. Tom Perkins
10. Viktorija Petravicuita

----V Factor Team 3 (26 March – 28 May 2015)


  1. Alessandro Bigerna
  2. Anna Budrewicz
  3. Ana Suichmezova
  4. Cristina Garcia Moreno
  5. Joyce Smith
  6. Katie McGlynn
  7. Kate Warriner
  8. Olamide Afolabi
  9. Sarah Price
  10. Stephanie Mills

----V Factor Team 4 (25 June – 27 August 2015)


  1. Ellie Chandler
  2. Hannah Strachan
  3. Jovita Taucenskaite
  4. Omar Fernandez
  5. Robbie Parkinson
  6. Sasha Gorb

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